Myanmar Payment Union


At any ATM Cards with MPU logo issued by MPU member banks and can also withdraw cash with international cards like JCB, UPI. The amount that can be used is that MPU card holders can withdraw the once time for five hundred thousand kyats and the maximum limits to two millions for a week. Those who want to use an ATM card can apply at their preferred MPU member banks. According to the consensus decision of all MPU member banks, the Interchange fee for cash withdrawals (Off-Us) at the ATMs of other member bank branches will be charged from 0.5% in 2022. Please be informed that starting from December 1st, the fee will be changed to 1%.
ATM Member Bank List
MPU Credit Card offers convenience in payments and can be used at any MPU outlet both in Myanmar and over 160 countries globally.
Credit Card
Debit Card
Prepaid Card
MPU Card / ATM Card
AGD Bank MPU-UPI Cobrand and MPU Single Card
AYA Bank MPU-JCB Cobrand and MPU Single Card
CB Bank MPU Single Card
KBZ Bank MPU Single Card
UAB Bank Card
CHID Bank Card
Myanmar Economic Bank Card
M.O.B Bank Card
Myawaddy Bank Card
MAB Bank Card
Tun Foundation Bank Card
A Bank MPU Debit and Credit Card