Myanmar Payment Union


2015 On February 13th, MPU introduced the E-commerce service, where services and products can be purchased online with MPU Cards. Income taxes using the MPU E-commerce Service; Taxes can be paid through the online payment system using MPU cards. For MPU card holders who want to use the E-commerce service, they can either contact their preferred bank from among the banks that have the service. You can easily apply by filling out the Online Enrollment Form through website. Applicants need to fill in the same personal e-mail and phone information as they did when making a card at the bank. If there is any change in information, it is necessary to notify the nearest branch of the concerned bank before applying online. After applying for E-commerce Registration, access will be provided by concerned banks within 3 to 5 business days. Merchants who wish to receive online payment using E-commerce services can obtain Membership Forms through any of the member banks that have access to the service, and can easily communicate according to the relevant bank`s procedures. Those Merchants are also required to open a Settlement Account in any of the relevant member banks to accept payments.
Ecommerce Member Banks
E-commerce Merchants

"Do you want to make MPU card payments on your online websites".

In order for you to accept card payments from customers on your online websites, you need to connect with a bank of your choice and follow the specified procedures of that bank. We will continue to connect with MPU through relevant banks. By setting up an E-commerce Merchant on their online websites, they will be able to receive money easily and quickly as soon as the buyers pay for the items they sell. Shoppers will also be able to pay and buy from home at any time with MPU E-commerce at a low cost. Ecommerce Merchant Applicable Banks:
❝Connect with MPU member banks as soon as possible to make payments in your business convenient and easy❞