Myanmar Payment Union


The introduction of the E-commerce service by MPU on February 13th, 2015, opened up new possibilities for customers to effortlessly buy services and products online using MPU Cards. Utilize the MPU E-commerce Service to settle your income taxes conveniently. Make payments through the online payment system with MPU cards. If you are an MPU card holder wanting to make use of the E-commerce service, you have the choice to contact your desired bank from the list of banks that offer the service. Ready to apply? Head over to and complete the Online Enrollment Form for a hassle-free application process. Applicants are required to provide the identical personal email and phone details that were used when creating a card at the bank. Access to the E-commerce Registration will be granted by the respective banks within a period of 3 to 5 business days after the application has been submitted. If there are any changes to your information, it is important to inform the nearest branch of the relevant bank before submitting your application online.
Ecommerce Member Banks
E-commerce Merchants

"Do you want to make MPU card payments on your online websites".

In order to enable online payment acceptance via E-commerce services, merchants can procure Membership Forms from any of the member banks that have access to this facility. Thereafter, smooth communication can be established by following the designated procedures of the respective bank. Additionally, merchants are mandated to open a Settlement Account with any of the member banks that are pertinent to their business, as it is a requirement for accepting payments.
❝Connect with MPU member banks as soon as possible to make payments in your business convenient and easy❞