Myanmar Payment Union


Frequently Asked Questions

Just by having the NRC card, you can go to any bank, open a bank account and say you want to get an MPU card and apply easily.

Depending on the bank, the minimum deposit amount may be different. You can deposit more than the bank's minimum deposit amount as you like.

If you want to apply for an MPU card, you can go to the nearest bank branches of your choice from among the card issuing banks that can apply for the card. Depending on the bank you apply for the card, the amount of deposit required may vary.

You can contact the hotline of the bank that issued the relevant card or the bank branch

Contact the bank that issued your card and find out the location of the ATM machine. The bank name of the ATM machine and the necessary information must be provided.

MPU E-commerce registration can be applied online at The (19) Banks that can use E-commerce are AGD, MWD, AYA, CB, uab, KBZ, MEB, MOB, SMEBD, MCB, MFTB, YOMA, YCB, CHIDB, Shwe, FDB, MTB, NDB နှင့် MICB. It is easier and faster if you apply for E-commerce even when the card is issued.

KBZ MPU card can be E-commerce Registration through KBZ Website. You can use E-commerce right away if you fill in the information when making the card.

AYA MPU card can be E-commerce Registration through AYA Website. You can use E-commerce right away if you fill in the information when making the card.

The bank will be able to approve your card for E-commerce use only if you go to the nearest branch of the bank by phone (or by the interested party himself) and prepare the information.

MAB bank does not yet have MPU E-commerce service; MPU has already planned to connect all banks. If you want to know more about MAB bank's card services, you can get specific information by contacting MAB bank directly.

From the 21 banks (AGD, MWD, AYA, CB, uab bank, KBZ Bank, MEB, MOB, SMEDB, MCB, MFTB, YOMA, YCB, CHIDB, Shwe, MTB, NDB, A Bank, MICB ,MAB နှင့် FDB) that can access E-commerce services, connect with the bank you want to use and follow the steps of the process to be carried out according to the guidelines of relevant banks.

Due to entering the bank account number instead of card number, you must enter only the 16 numbers on the front of the MPU card.

If the used E-commerce transaction is Success, you have to go back to the Home Page to make a new transaction without clicking the Continue Button again.

It is a service that allows you to transfer money to different banks within MPU's member banks using an ATM machine. Currently, IBFT service available in SHWE, YOMA, uab, RDB, MWD, CHID Bank, MFTB, MCB, YCB and CB.

At any ATM with MPU Cards issued by MPU member banks and can also withdraw cash with international cards like JCB, UPI. MPU card holders can withdraw the once time for five hundred thousand kyats and the maximum limits to two millions for a week. Those who want to use an ATM card can apply at their preferred MPU member banks.

From 2022, 0.5% interchange fee for cash withdrawals (Off-Us) at MPU member bank branches then started from December 1st, the charge will be changed to 1%.

You can use up to 5,000,000 Kyats per day in any locations of POS installed merchants.

If you using E-commerce service with MPU Debit card and Credit Card, you can pay up to Five hundreds thousand kyat per day. If you pay tax with Corporate Debit Cards, you can pay a maximum of 5 billion per day.

If you transfer money, as a service fee, the flat rate of 200 kyats and 0.05% of the amount to be transferred will be charged.